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Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

Ryan Crowley

As its name suggests, the Velocity ball is all about helping you to get every yard possible out on the course and it's been updated for 2020.

A few clever upgrades has allowed Titleist to produce a ball that offers fantastic performance when it comes to distance. It's achieved through a combination of a higher speed LSX core and improved aerodynamics to give you less spin and greater distance.

Key features and benefits:

  • 350 octahedral dimple design produces a higher, more consistent flight
  • High speed LSX Core delivers improved ball speed in full swing shots
  • Fast NaZ+ Cover helps improve speed and greenside performance
  • Larger core also improved stoppability on approach shots
  • Available in four colourways

If distance is key to unlocking lower scores, then you must pop down to the shop and pick up a box of these Velocity balls.

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball
Titleist Velocity Golf Ball


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